Competitor Analysis

SEO Technocracy competitor analysis tool is designed to provide a breakdown of your website’s search friendliness against your competitors based on various SEO metrics. Simply provide your website URL, and any targeted keyword or search phrase. Our tool will provide an SEO comparison competitor analysis report that includes an analysis of how well you are competing against your competitors for the indicated keyword phrase(s) and help you identify on page optimisation areas and the key factors that can help you improve website listing in organic search results.

Competitor analysis is one of those necessary but time-consuming stages of an SEO campaign. And SEO Technocracy has always had impressive competition analysis functionality, making your SEO competitive audit even more profound and effective.

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Identify, analyse, and beat your biggest SEO competition
At the start of an SEO campaign, thorough competitor analysis it is critical to give you an understanding which keywords you can realistically target; and if your wewbsite is ranking pretty well already, it’s important that you inspect your top competitors’ SEO strategy to find their weak and strong points — and use both to your advantage.

We will help you:

  • Discover your strongest competitors
  • Measure each competitor’s SEO strength
  • Compare your link profile to competitors
  • Uncover competitors’ on-page strategy

Identify your top SEO competitors

Most probably, you already have an idea of who the big players in your niche are. But your main business rivals are not necessarily your SEO competitors (they could be targeting other channels than organic search). When it comes to SEO, your only competitors are the ones who rank in the first search result pages for your top keywords.

Checking Google and all other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo results for all your keywords and compiling a list of sites that come up a lot is incredibly time-consuming. This is where competitive intelligence tools come in.

SEO Technocracy’s rank tools are able to do tedious work for you. All you need to do is enter your keywords, and our tools will quickly look through the results in your target search engine and identify your biggest SEO competitors — domains that show up most frequently in top 50.

Assess competitors' SEO strength

Before you get down to analysing competitors’ SEO specifics, like keyword use on a particular landing page, it’s a good idea to measure their overall SEO strength and estimate the work required to beat each of your competitors.

Analyse and compare competitors' link profiles

Backlinks are perhaps the strongest indicator of a site’s authority to search engines. Backlink research is a crucial step in competitive analysis — it will help you develop a link strategy, estimate the time required to build a comparably strong link profile, and spot valuable backlink opportunities within competitors’ profiles.

Uncover competitors' on-page tactics

Unlike backlinks, on-page SEO is quicker to implement. You could literally revamp your landing pages in a day using the insight you get from analysing competitors’ pages — and this quick change is likely to bring tangible results sooner than any other.

Our website auditor tool offers all the info you need to optimise any given page for your target keywords. Additionally, it offers a breakdown of the on-page strategy of your top SEO rivals, letting you see the contents of your competitors’ HTML tags and keyword use by page element — so that you can see what’s working for them and utilise those tactics on your own pages.

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