Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Whereas Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is focused on the improvement of website ranking for targeted keywords in organic search results, Google Pay Per Click allows for sponsored results placement.

It simply means that advertisements based on selected keywords are displayed alongside the search results when users type in specific keywords in the search box. In addition, Google Pay Per Click (PPC) or AdWords adverts are also displayed at participating publisher sites relevant to the keywords selected.

Why Make Use of Google Pay Per Click?
SEO is a long term solution and targets searches by users. AdWords offers almost immediate return and the option is well-suited for companies only starting out on the Internet and hoping to gain immediate visits to their sites. The option is also perfect as an additional means to attract visitors and gain more sales. Whereas the user often utilises normal searches to find more information, the advertisements are aimed at the buyer or person ready to make use of a service or product.

Organic SEO and Google PPC thus work well together to reach more users and to gain more sales. With the AdWords we set-up the ads, select the keywords and manage the bids where relevant. With Google PPC you will have control over where the ads should be displayed and can target specific user groups, also within geographic boundaries.

Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

The Google network is extensive and includes various search partners and content publishers. In addition, you will have the ability to reach users whether they search for videos, articles or specific products. With YouTube being the second most popular search engine after Google and also a network with over 2 billion views daily, displaying of ads at the search engine ensures superior return on investment if done correctly.

Ads are displayed across various platforms:

  • Top, bottom and right side of search results pages.
  • On content publisher partner sites relevant to the specific keywords.
  • Mobile sites reaching more users on the go.
  • Google Places (Maps).YouTube.

The ads can also be placed at Google Places (Maps) where users utilise Google Maps & Google Earth to locate businesses and places of interest. In addition, placement of ads on the mobile network ensures that users will be exposed to ads also after hours. At SEO Technocracy we have the right tools and experts to get the job done effectively and efficiently. With mobile users often near the point of sale and more willing to buy immediately, higher sales conversions can be achieved.

With the ads having a 90% reach the website owner benefits in various ways.

  • Better market reach than any other form of online advertising.
  • Google is one of the three leading international search engines.
  • With the largest network in the world, Google offers the ability to gain numerous ad impressions within 24 hours.
  • Category based options are available for targeted advertising.
  • Diverse display options available.
  • With over 2.5 Billion page views daily, the only limit in reach is the client budget.
  • On average a single searcher sees around 30 adverts daily.
  • Competitive pricing options and packages to suit from the smallest business to the largest multi-national corporation.
  • Cost control and targeting ensure higher return on marketing spending.
  • User is already in the market for the specific type of product or service.
  • Pay only for clicks or conversions and thus gain more control over marketing budget.
  • Complete audit trail is available regarding the success of specific keywords and campaigns.
  • Maximum control over ads placement, spending, duration, and targeting.
  • Regional advertising can be done.

Google PPC Services

Targeting Methods

The two options available for optimal reach are that of placement and category. With placement targeting, you can decide how many ads to display and where to display the ads. With category targeting it is possible to place ads in specific categories relevant to the user such as fashion, health, vacations, education or vehicles. The ads can be displayed on relevant websites and as part of search results pages.

Display Formats
Google Pay Per Click has the advantage of flexibility allowing for displaying of ads in image, text, video or rich media formats.

CPM – when you want maximum conversions and optimal ad visibility. It is the ideal option for branding.
CPC – when you want sales conversions or want views. It is the ideal ad pricing option when you expect more page views and thus want to ensure awareness development.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

SEO Technocracy competitor analysis tool is designed to provide a breakdown of your website’s search friendliness against your competitors based on various SEO metrics. Simply provide your website URL, and any targeted keyword or search phrase. Our tool will provide an SEO comparison competitor analysis report that includes an analysis of how well you are competing against your competitors for the indicated keyword phrase(s) and help you identify on page optimisation areas and the key factors that can help you improve website listing in organic search results.

Competitor analysis is one of those necessary but time-consuming stages of an SEO campaign. And SEO Technocracy has always had impressive competition analysis functionality, making your SEO competitive audit even more profound and effective.

Why leave your traffic, users and conversions to competition? Learn how to outrank any website messing up on your way to Google’s top spot!

Identify, analyse, and beat your biggest SEO competition
At the start of an SEO campaign, thorough competitor analysis it is critical to give you an understanding which keywords you can realistically target; and if your wewbsite is ranking pretty well already, it’s important that you inspect your top competitors’ SEO strategy to find their weak and strong points — and use both to your advantage.

We will help you:

  • Discover your strongest competitors
  • Measure each competitor’s SEO strength
  • Compare your link profile to competitors
  • Uncover competitors’ on-page strategy

Identify your top SEO competitors

Most probably, you already have an idea of who the big players in your niche are. But your main business rivals are not necessarily your SEO competitors (they could be targeting other channels than organic search). When it comes to SEO, your only competitors are the ones who rank in the first search result pages for your top keywords.

Checking Google and all other top search engines like Bing and Yahoo results for all your keywords and compiling a list of sites that come up a lot is incredibly time-consuming. This is where competitive intelligence tools come in.

SEO Technocracy’s rank tools are able to do tedious work for you. All you need to do is enter your keywords, and our tools will quickly look through the results in your target search engine and identify your biggest SEO competitors — domains that show up most frequently in top 50.

Assess competitors' SEO strength

Before you get down to analysing competitors’ SEO specifics, like keyword use on a particular landing page, it’s a good idea to measure their overall SEO strength and estimate the work required to beat each of your competitors.

Analyse and compare competitors' link profiles

Backlinks are perhaps the strongest indicator of a site’s authority to search engines. Backlink research is a crucial step in competitive analysis — it will help you develop a link strategy, estimate the time required to build a comparably strong link profile, and spot valuable backlink opportunities within competitors’ profiles.

Uncover competitors' on-page tactics

Unlike backlinks, on-page SEO is quicker to implement. You could literally revamp your landing pages in a day using the insight you get from analysing competitors’ pages — and this quick change is likely to bring tangible results sooner than any other.

Our website auditor tool offers all the info you need to optimise any given page for your target keywords. Additionally, it offers a breakdown of the on-page strategy of your top SEO rivals, letting you see the contents of your competitors’ HTML tags and keyword use by page element — so that you can see what’s working for them and utilise those tactics on your own pages.

Website Audit

Website Audit

Are you having trouble ranking in the major search engines, and you’re not sure exactly why? SEO Technocracy, a leader in search engine optimisation, can conduct an SEO website audit and create an actionable strategy to help you maximise your visibility online.

The SEO website audit process begins with an overall analysis of your website to assess what action is needed to best optimise it for search engines. Based on this analysis, SEO Technocracy offers recommendations for improving your website to boost your overall search engine rankings. These recommendations may include, but are not limited to, duplicate content, broken links, dangling links, similar title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, web copy editing, HTML validation, browser and resolution compatibility, page loading times, search engine rankings, site statistics, and error pages. All of this is included in both our off and on page SEO website audit.

All of the factors listed above are just some of the many elements SEO Technocracy will address during the SEO website audit process. Each of these factors provides some type of impact in attracting search engine crawlers and — by extension — customers to your website. Our full SEO audit will show us exactly where you can improve so you can start ranking better in search engines.

The SEO audit project duration is approximately three days. Our full SEO audit service takes one week for the market leader option. During this time, SEO Technocracy will completely analyse and assess your website with our SEO website audit services to determine the best strategy for you moving forward, and provide advice on what to change so that your site performs better in organic search rankings. Afterward, we’ll show you our SEO website audit report so you can see areas of potential improvement in detail.

Our SEO website audit process includes:

  • An overall analysis to assess your website’s strengths and determine an SEO strategy.
  • Identifying both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions.
  • A comprehensive SEO audit report, including a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy

Why Would I Need an SEO Website Audit?

Our SEO Website Audits are designed for those who are having trouble ranking for their intended keywords, but really aren’t sure why. Maybe you suspect that your site is too slow, but you can’t confirm it. Maybe you think there’s a problem with content duplication, but don’t have the tools available to check. That’s where we come in.

SEO Technocracy auditing plans include investigation of all possible factors, from essential on-page elements like title tags to comprehensive sitemaps. We’ll examine your site and determine exactly where your marketing strategy can improve — and how you can improve it.

We recommend SEO audits for anyone who is having trouble ranking and needs solid, actionable advice on what to do next. SEO auditing can also be helpful for a business that recently started a website and wants to know where they can improve on their earliest webpages. Regardless of your need, SEO audits are the first steps to creating an online marketing strategy that works.

On-Page Factors Affecting SEO

What’s the point in having an attractive website if no one ever sees it? We’ve seen a lot of clients who have beautiful, engaging, and well-crafted websites that just can’t rank in search engines, and they don’t understand why. Why doesn’t a website rank well if it’s attractive and has a lot to offer?

Frequently, the issue in these situations is content in one form or another. This could mean not enough content on each page (“thin content”), similar or missing title tags and meta descriptions, or multiple URLs pointing to the same page (“duplicate content”). SEO Technocracy will identify these on-page ranking barriers and recommend the necessary changes all with an SEO website audit. Identifying and fixing these on-page factors can have a significant, immediate and positive impact on your rankings.

Identifying Off-Page Factors Affecting Search Positions

Other factors affecting your organic search positions are what are referred to as off-page factors. Off-page factors make up almost 80% of search engines’ ranking algorithms, making accurate off-page analysis absolutely critical. These factors are mostly focused on links — the number of links you have, the anchor text used, and where these links are placed.

The average web visitor can’t spot these off-page factors, and it’s difficult to identify them manually. Fortunately, at SEO Technocracy we have a suite of services enabling off-page analysis and comparison. SEO Technocracy will identify these hard-to-spot factors and recommend a strategy that helps you build your reputation and increase your presence online.

Server Configuration Search Engine Ranking Factors

There are a number of files on your server — like .htaccess, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to name a few — that actually dictate how search engines access and index your content. Optimising these files so they are configured appropriately can have a huge impact on your rankings.

The .htaccess file is a distributed configuration file. This file allows you to specify and apply configuration directives on your site. This file enables you to call the shots on how users and search engines are directed to specific pages on your site, facilitate custom error pages and apply 301 redirects.

The robots.txt file placed in the root of a website prevents web spiders from accessing specific folders on your website. It is important to follow a specific format when optimizing this file. This file is typically used for folders that dilute the theme of your website or folders providing a dead end to robots, such as PDF files.

The creation, optimisation, and submission of a sitemap.xml file enables search engine spiders to better crawl your site. It also helps visitors to quickly scan your whole site for relevant information. This file provides a link and a short description of that link for each page of your site, prioritising each page and providing a hierarchy of the most important pages on your site to the least important pages on your website.

Additional server configurations such as accurate HTTP headers, accurate 404 error pages and page load times affect your search engine traffic as well. SEO Technocracy will identify and determine the best way for you to optimise these files to ensure positive results.