Mobile Responsive Websites

Research have shown that the majority of Internet users access websites from their smart phones or other mobile devices. Meaning your for your business to be successful online it should be mobile responsive websites.

Desktop ready websites are bandwidth intensive, load slower, and are too large for the small screens of mobile handsets. With that then many businesses now miss out on the mobile Internet user visits simply because their websites are not designed to fit onto small screens and to load fast, they are not mobile responsive.

The mobile phone user doesn’t want to scroll through long pages of text and certainly doesn’t want large images and graphic-intensive designs to take up their data bundle time.

As such it is important to design sites ready for usage on smartphones rather than to adapt existing websites for mobile use. At SEO Technocracy we have the right tools and experts to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

Mobile Optimisation

The mobile web is exploding. Smart phones and tablets dominate the market, and users can browse the web from anywhere, now—not just at home. If you have not optimised your website to be mobile responsive websites, potential visitors may become frustrated, flee your site, and find what they want from one of your competitors, instead. Also google and other top search engines give a lower rank to websites which are not mobile responsive websites. All of our SEO Technocracy websites are mobile responsive websites, which means the website automatically formats correctly to whatever type of screen each visitor uses, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. That way, you don’t lose out on potential business.

How SEO Technocracy can Help
Our design team will design and optimise the mobile marketing sites for best display, minimum bandwidth usage, easy navigation, and yet, high functionality. Should you prefer to make your existing website mobile ready you can also talk to us since we customise solutions to fit client requirements and budgets.

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